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Rules In Emglês

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Rules In Emglês

Mensagem  Mercenario~* em Sab Jul 24, 2010 5:23 pm


1. It's forbidden:
1.1 - Posts with abusive , obscene , dirty, insults, hatred, threatening, sexually tending and racist content;
1.2 - Links for warehouses, cracks sites or illegal programs for download;
1.3 - Direct links for characters, stages, screenpacks or any material related to MUGEN;
1.4 - Messages typed in CAPSLOCK;
1.5 - Flood (useless and/or consecutive messages);
1.6 - Posts that run away from the subject considered for the thread;
1.7 - Spam, propagandas/sales by internet;
1.8 - Disregard or any insults in general to moderators or administrator consist of serious crime, punishment of warn or until suspension, depending on the gravity of the incident. All and any pertaining communication of the Board can be used as test of disregard or offence.

2. Illegal use of MUGEN material:
2.1 - The use of any amount of sprites and/or codings is ILLEGAL, any of these used in any material released, without any previous authorization of the author. Such confirmed attitudes will result in Suspension or even BAN of the user.

3. Signatures:
3.1 - Only one signature per user is allowed.
3.2 - The maximum length of the signature is 500x160 pixels and 1 more line of text with the standard formatting of the Board
3.3 - Maximum size is 60Kbytes.
3.4 - Anything in the signature that breaks any rules of Article 1, will be removed.

4. It's the moderators' duty:
4.1 - To remove, to edit, to move or to lock up any thread that in any moment breaks any of rules of article 1;
4.2 - To remove and/or to edit any signature of user that for any moment breaks any of rules of article 3;
4.3 - To apply warn to the user who breaks the rules in the article 1;
4.4 - To remove the rights of posting of the user, or the same with the account, when necessary suspension.

5. It's NOT the moderators' duty:
5.1 - To banish and to exclude users (only the administrator of the forum, DeLeTeBR, possesss the means for those actions). The user will be banished when it's moved to the group "Disactivated - Suspended", however the moderators possess resources to incapacitate indefinitely the accounts of the users;
5.2 - To moderate the boards of groups hosted in MugenBR.

6. WARN:

What is it?

It is a system of warnings on users, everytime the administration and moderators have to warn someone,they will use this resource.

How does it work?

Every user has a warning counter. This counter is composed by 5 squares, each one equals to 20%(The value of one warn), which increases as the warn level goes higher, when it gets at the maximum(100%), the user is suspended by the minimum period of a month, time varies depending on the situation of the warning.

Who has access to it?

Every moderator on the Portuguese and International boards have access to this tool.

Every action refering to the warn situation is recorded in a log, which you can access by clicking on your warning counter.

In closure

The users in the group members can only see their own warning counter due to a board script restriction.

This tool aims to make the warning system on users easier.

7. About Requests:
7.1 - You can freely request any creation in the MugenBR Board since it has been released for public use.
7.2 - If in doubt about existence of a character, please ask about it in [Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]
7.3 - Will not be allowed for requests any lamed, stolen or private betas.

8. Use of Accounts:
8.1 - It is not allowed to create more than 1 account in the Board, even more if the previous one is under suspension. The punishment is the banishment of both accounts.
8.2 - It is not allowed to share accounts, even more if it's more than 1 user using it. Mainly if one of them is already registered. The Punishment will be the banishment of the shared account and 40% of Warning and suspension of 1 month to all involved ones
8.3 - It's strictly forbbiden accounts invasions. The user who invades other people's accounts will be banished (also the IP).

- These rules can be changed without previous notice.
- Any user of the Board can notify the moderation, through the Report button located in each post, in threads that breaks any of the rules of article 1;
- Any user of the Board who feels damaged by the moderation's actions may contact the Administrator, DeLeTeBR, explaining the situation.

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